Monday, September 2, 2013


SUCKS. I think its just me that feels this way...because i'm insane. As a kid the thought of driving was perfect, it was like once you had a car & a license you were free. But now that i'm there i dont feel that way at all. I'm not a bad driver. i passed the test, i got my license, & i have a car. But I still cant drive somewhere without having an anxiety attack. All my friends & the people I know who got there license didnt feel this way at all. They just started driving & going as soon as they could & i kind of feel bad. I know its worse for me because i have ADHD. i know without my medicine driving is extremely hard for me, like i dont take it seriously & i'm a little all over the place (not that it happens often, just that my medicine starts to wear off). But when I do take it & i'm going somewhere that i havent been before i get extremely nervous & tense, like i think i'm doing everything wrong. I just always feel like i'm going to do something wrong, no matter what. Thats why i dont like to keep driving, i'm like okay i drove for 20 minutes i did fine lets not drive any longer & take a chance. Thats not a normal way to think, but of course i'm not normal...UGHHH & again i hate comparing myself to so many other people who love to drive. Like just the thought of driving to school tomorrow makes me panicky, & i'm even going with my friend! sometimes I wish i could just be normal, & get over this fear...but of course i cant, cause I suck.

So if you guys are like me, or have been when you first started driving then let me know cause i could useee it.

xoxo that girl Dee...

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