Favorite Books

Ever since I could remember I always loved to read. Its like an escape for me. I would read novels in one day because I couldn't put the book down. Of course over time my taste it books got larger. From 13 to 16 all I could read was paranormal romance, involving vampires & werewolves. But in the past year i've moved on to more realistic teen novels. But I know a lot of people my age aren't really into reading & to be honest I think their missing out, as lame as that sounds. So if youre bored one day you should check out one of these books, they're really good:) (Soon i'm hoping to post reviews for s few of the books.)
  • The Morganville Vampire Series- Rachel Caine
  • The Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead
  • The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins
  • The Fallen Series- Lauren Kate
  • Pushing The Limits- Katie McGarry
  • Perfect Chemistry #1- Simone Elekes 
  • The Immortal Series- Alyson Noel 

  • Hush Hush Saga- Becca Fitzpatrick
  • Twilight Saga- Stephanie Meyer
  • Sweet Evil Trilogy- Wendy Higgins 
  • Night World 1-3- L.J Smith. 
  • (Posting more soon!) 


  1. Oh my God! We have the same taste in books... I have to say that this is surprising for me because I rarely find people who like reading about the supernatural like I do! I mean, off your list, I have read some books by Richelle Mead (although it's the Georgina Kincaid series), Hunger Games, Immortal Series, Twilight Saga and Night World! And they were all awesome!
    By the way, where does one follow your blog? (Not bloglovin, but with blogger.)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! & just add my link to your reading list I assume, i'm kind of new at this. http://thatgirldeex3.blogspot.com

  2. I totally agree with you on The Hunger Games and Fallen. I haven't read the other books though (my local library only has Twilight, but it's not one of my favorite series).
    I'll be following you on bloglovin. I really like your blog.
    BTW teh blogger follow thing should be somewhere under gadgets in the layout menu.

    That's my blog if you'd be interested to take a look. I'd appreciate the feedback