Friday, August 30, 2013

Money, money, money...

Recently at the ripe old age of 17 I've started to realize how important money is & how it controls everything. You must think wow how stupid can I be? & you're right. But I always knew you needed money for everything & all that, but I guess you can say I've learned the value of a dollar. Ever since I could remember my mom told my siblings & I that she doesn't care about us getting jobs as long as we're working hard in school & getting good grades...& I've been doing that. Going to a private school that has a reputation for veiny hard takes a toll on a person. I've always studied & got good grades & I couldn't imagine having a time for a job. All my friends who do have jobs barely have time to study & were borderline failing & I couldn't imagine that being me. My mom would always give me money here & there whenever I needed it, I usually saved my Christmas money & my birthday money & would use that if I needed anything. But I don't really buy things because I wear a uniform to school, I still fit into my really old jeans so I'm good. But this summer was different. I actually needed contacts, & I wanted to get my hair done & all this stuff but my mom has been going through money troubles lately. We're not poor & we're not rich, we're like middle class. But my moms a single mother with 4 kids & she's retired, & she's been having a lot of trouble with my dad with the child support so things have been a little difficult. Especially with one kid in college & one in private school things aren't easy. So I'm starting to realize that I want, want, want...but I have nothing to give. My family also planned a trip to Orlando Florida, to go to Disney & Universal & all these places & I could tell my moms a little stressed about all the money,& I feel Terrible. I've started to see that I can't keep on depending on my sister, my mom or my grandma for money anymore, I'm 17 & it's time to grow I've decided to get a job. You guys must think "wow she's lazy, 17 & no job?" We'll that's not the case. I'm going to talk about this more in a future post but I'm incredibly awkward & social situations give me anxiety.& that's what a  job is, interacting with people while doing a service for mula. Well any job a 17 year old girl with no experience can get. So that's what I've been stressing about for the past few weeks. 

So what's the lesson here kids? Money is the key to everything... 

Xoxo that girl Dee. 

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  1. You're not the only one who doesn't have a job at 17 ;) I'm trying to get one now, tutoring kids at my high school. It pays well (like 5 or 6 euros per hour) and it's only one hour per week, so it won't get me into trouble with my schoolwork.