Thursday, August 29, 2013


I honestly think this might be a weekly post, discussing the numerous reasons why I hate being a girl. But lets start with the first pretty obvious reason (especially since it's been bothering me all day) my 'period'. I seriously just want to write a single incredibly long post about PMSing because the older i've gotten the more I noticed it & the worse it is. I get angry at people for no reason, I cry over the stupidest things, I feel so depressed & upset & I cant even tell you why...but again we'll save that for another time. Whats really bothering me now is CRAMPS. I know some (very lucky) girls dont get them as bad as others, but because I've inherited the lovely trait from my mother my cramps are incredibly bad. Like i honestly feel theres 2 tiny ninjas having a japanese sword fight inside my uterus ( did i paint a colorful picture?) The first few days are the worst, which i like to spend laying on the floor in the fetal position. Cramps make girls miserable & just feel plain icky & gross, & it pisses me off that boys dont understand at all. Why can't they all be like Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached (great movie, you should watch it) & make us a period mix tape & brings us chocolates & all nice things. Since I have cramps so bad i'm going to tell you a few ways to make the cramps a little less painful.

  • MIDOL- it works like a lot. Basically my savior during this time of the month. 
  • VITAMINS- I know theres a few vitamins that you could take once a day that will ease the pain when its your time of the month, & it really works. I've tried it & i remember not really feeling the cramps the first day. But my adhd kicked in & i would forget them. But you really really should try to take vitamins, like centrism & Vitamin D. 
  • HEATING PAD- either on your stomach or your lower back is very helpful. 
  • HOT TEA- makes everything better. 
  • & last but not least EAT LOTS OF CHOCOLATE- because what cant chocolate do? 

I hope you read this & try some of these out, let me know if it works :)

xoxo that girl Dee :)

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