Friday, August 30, 2013

So much to do & not enough time...

Many teens like myself are huge procrastinators, & if you're not then you deserve an award. But I don't know if its the ADHD but compared to many of my friends I take procrastination to the next level. I put off all the things I have to do till the last minute, & then comes the anxiety. Just thinking about all of the things I have to do before school & comparing that to the 3 days I have left (omg just realized it was 3 days) gives me a major case of anxiety. There's so many things to do & not enough time & it sucks. I'm not even the type of person who can sit down take a breath make a list & organize myself, a trait I definitely know has to so with my ADHD. I feel like when I actually make a list of everything & try to figure out a schedule my head will explode cause I'll realize that it's impossible. & I know it's no ones fault but my own which really doesn't help. That just makes me feel worse, like if I was just smart enough to try to do everything a little at a time a few weeks ago i wouldn't be in this mess. I just feel like times moving to fast & I can barely grasp onto a moment. It's just one thing after another. It feels like the more I tho k about it the more things it seems like I have to do & it scares me. Like this is my senior year, it's supposed to be the best one yet & I already ruined it...UGH. This whole summer I couldn't think about going back to school or starting to prepare to go back that I made a big mess of things. To top it all off I got my license in June but driving still gets me nervous & I haven't really drove in a while & now on Wednesday I have to drive to school alone like how am I going to be able to do  that. 

K after I wrote this i save it & I took some time to figure things out. I wrote everything out & I talked to my mom I planned out a schedule & she helped me find a way to get everything done before school & my head didn't explode. So I guess if any of you are stressing like I was take a deep breath & organize yourself it's the best way to handle everything :) 

Xoxo that girl Dee. 

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