Monday, August 26, 2013

The SAT...

I'm 17 & going into my senior year of high school, & for the past 3 years all I've heard about was the SAT. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. A test that will have an impact on the rest of our future. That grade decides the rest of my pressure though. Normally i'm very hard on myself in school, always stressed out & under pressure...but I know when it comes to this test i'm not the only who feels this way. I've already taken it twice & i personally didn't like my score, the next time I take it will be the last time & thats nerve-wrecking. The whole idea of this stupid test sucks...& as much as I hate it I continue to stress myself out over the idea. If I get a good grade, I get into a good college, if I get into a good college, I can get a good job, if I get a good job then I can make enough money & be successful...a never ending cycle. But to be honest if you go & ask your parents or your aunts & uncles what they got on this stupid test they probably wont remember at all. The whole things idiotic. The whole timing thing gets to me too. I hate sitting there rushing through a section giving myself anxiety, panicking, and waiting for the teacher to tell me to stop...UGHHH. But if you're as stress out as I am over this stupid test then I think i could help you...(hopefully i'll be able to take my own advice.) 

A very important thing when it comes to this test is relax...don't let it get to you.

If you want to work on your vocabulary but you hate to sit there & try to memorize words, then check this link out -->

Thats a list of books that includes SAT words, & they're actually interesting so give it a try.

GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND, USE IT- take a practice test, grade yourself & the sections that you didnt do to well on GOOGLE. There a lot of resources online to help you out.

If you havent really given yourself much time to practice, set an alarm on your phone that goes off everyday & remind yourself to study.

It's 2013 guys download an app- search SAT in the appstore of whatever phone you have & i bet theres a lot of apps that could help.

Even though the tests start in october, it's something that I've been thinking about so here you go : )

xoxo That girl Dee :)

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