Saturday, November 22, 2014

Long Time No Post?

Well lately things have been tough for me. I started college which has been a stuggle. Its different and its been difficult to adjust. There was a point where I was just doing too much with no time and i just couldnt handle it anymore so I decided to quit my job which has added an increasing amount of stress. Funny thing about working, no matter how much it sucks you work to get paid. And getting paid is just great, you dont realize how much you need money until there is no more coming in. Ugh but yeah. I dont know lately i've been an over all mess. I feel like i'm alone with this whole stressing out thing. Like i feel like i have so much to do with such little time, and its driving me crazy. But i'm hoping for the best and trying to get my life together as hard as it may be.

That girl Dee:))

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