Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello to the people that will eventually read my blog. Since i’m going to try to stay an anonymous as I can, you can call me Dee. I’m an 17 year old girl living in the big city…& it’s pretty hard. And to top it all off, I have ADHD…Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, (which makes PMSing 10x as worse) but will talk more about that later. I’m creating this blog to hopefully get money, but thats a pipe dream. But i’m also creating it to see if it’ll help me deal with everyday life as a girl who doesn’t really fit it. I’m a senior in a high school where barely anyone knows who I am or what my name is, and that sucks. Currently i’m dealing with SATs, thinking about college, and overall getting stressed out before my senior year starts. I love to read, write, draw, and listen to music, and how could I forget watching T.V. All those things will make for an interesting blog dont ya think? But i also hope to write about those things as well, recommend good movies, books, and songs. I’ll even write about pop culture, because no one who knows me cares about how Miley Cyrus humped a foam finger last night at the VMAs. I’ve tried to write blogs before, when i was a lot younger but i’d never continue them cause i knew no one would read them. But i’m hoping things will be different, that i’ll continue even if no one reads this. But we’ll see. I’ll talk about dealing with a crazy fantastic mother, 2 older sisters, a younger brother, & an annoying stepdad. I’ll talk about how much I hate my life one day, and how amazing it is the next…you know normal girl things. So I guess thats it….wish me the best :D  
xoxo That girl Dee :)  

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