Friday, September 6, 2013

Hopeless Romantic

So i'm officially a senior in high school which means I need to find a boyfriend that will be my high school sweetheart...I know its very realistic (sense the sarcasm.) Its just i'm the type of girl that dreams of a romance movie as a life. Meeting a guy that you know is the one, and falling madly in love. I know thats a long shot, not only in high school but in everyday life...but I still have hope. It's just insane to think that could ever happen, especially in high school. Being the shy girl I am, I couldnt imagine anyone having feelings for me like that. I dont even talk to any guys that could even be possible candidates in my romance story. The thought of someone who I dont really know actually liking me is crazy...even though there are many boys who I like that i barely know. But sometimes i cant help but wish someone will admit there feelings & we'll ride off into the sunset with each other. Oh God i'm going to be disappointed.  I just feel that this year should be different than the others. I should do things that I normally dont do, maybe even getting over my fears & actually talking to people...

but I guess we'll see.

xoxo That girl Dee. :)

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