Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For all you Hot Heads out there...

Having ADHD & just being a regular hot head it doesn't take much to get me angry. Probably over stupid things & nonsense. When i was younger it was a lot harder to control, a small fight with my mom or my siblings & i'd be screaming on the top of my lungs trying to make a point or something. But as I got older things started to change. I grew up & matured. But still there are times when I cant help but scream into my pillow trying to release my frustrations. But I've notice theres better ways to keep calm & let your emotions out, not just anger but a lot of others too. And as stupid as you think these ideas are you should try them cause they could help.

  • Write in a journal, or a blog;)- express all your feelings out on to paper instead of keeping them bottled up. You could even try writing a letter to the person that you angery at or upset with & you dont even have to give it to them or send them. 
  • Also on the topic of writing, Wattpad is a great site to let your imagination run wild. Creating stories that you've thought of & created could help with calming you down. 
  • Listen to music- put in some headphones & blast the music. Its a way to just get lost in your favorite songs & let go of all the anger & hurt that you feel. 
  • Read a book- my favorite escape from reality & all the problems I have. 
  • Talk to someone- vent out all your frustrations & feelings. 
  • Take a shower- as odd as it sounds it cold be a time where you just figure out all your thoughts & rationalize what you're feeling without anyone disturbing you. 
But thats all I have for right now, maybe i'll take my own advice. I hope you do too :) 

xoxo That Girl Dee. 

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