Tuesday, August 27, 2013


As teenagers many adults hold high expectations with school & life & it could be incredibly stressful. I know i'm the type of person that puts a lot of pressure on myself & has high expectations for my grades & stuff like that. On one hand they could be good, but on the other they could be incredibly stressful. At this time in my life I'll soon be taking the SAT & applying to colleges & I know my family has very high expectations for all of that, & they have a good reason too. Because i work hard, i have an SAT tutor, i study a lot...but still in the back of my mind i cant help but think that i'm going to let them all down. Its apart of human nature to feel that way, once in a while everyone does. But as such a critical time its scary. I also know that many people feel high expectations are a way to motivate them to their goal, & if you can think of it that way thats amazing. But i'm incredibly self-consicous about everything, even when I study for a test I think i failed. Just with so many things happening at once, dealing with the SAT, and college, I want to be able to enjoy my senior year without having a nervous breakdown... But the summers not over yet, so wish me luck :)

xoxo That Girl Dee.

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