Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whats Beautiful?

A size double zero model with blue eyes and perfect skin is deemed beautiful, but only because society considers it beautiful. Thats the reason why girls like me are constantly insecure about their weight and appearance. Always dieting, counting calories, constantly stressing out...it sucks. I'm not over weight and i'm not skinny, but still I worry about my weight. I cant stay on a diet to save my life, and i'm not the person to exercise...ever. But if I were to eat healthy and start to workout I really hope it would be for me, and not for anyone else. I want be healthy because I want to feel better about myself. Theres wanting to be healthy, and then theres obsessing...two totally different things. But weight is just one of the many things that not only girls but boys have to worry about being judge on. I think people need to take a step back and realize how unique & beautiful they are in there own way... :) 

BUT if you want to lose weight and start to be healthy here some small normal tips to follow: 
  • Try to eat less amounts of bread. 
  • Choose the apple instead of the doritos
  • Try workout challenges, like the squat challenge, the ab challenge, little things that make a difference :) 
xoxo That girl Dee :)

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