Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UGH....Venting/Rant #1

Ever have those days where you planned everything out, & you were going to have fun & everything was going to be great but instead everythings going wrong? Well thats what today is like, & it sucks. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to go out or really do anything especially now during the summer. But for weeks now i've had the perfect plans for today I was going to go out & have fun with my friends & my sister. I did my hair, my nails, i was really excited...but of course I have the worst luck & the rain has to ruin everything. I don't if i'm pmsing or i'm just really upset or a little bit of both. Because right now i'm sitting on the floor of my room crying because today was supposed to be my last fun day (more like my only fun day) before i go back to school, & now its impossible. My sister doesn't even want to go out anymore & basically i'm just sad as stupid as it sounds. Just imagine waiting for a day where you could go out & have fun with no worries or problems & when it finally comes it all falls apart. Whats worse is that my sister doesn't even understand why i'm so upset. She doesn't realize how important this day was to me. My summer hasn't been the best & i had high expectations for this day. I've listened to my sister cry & complain so many times about days like this, which is why i'm surprised she's being so mean. The few people that will probably read this might not understand either so let me try to explain why this meant so much to me. A few years ago I moved from one place to another, they arent to far apart but since i've moved i havent been able to visit or see any of my old friends & i was really hoping that today i would be able to do that. We were going to a feast that they have every year where I used to live. I was honestly really looking forward to going & seeing everyone, & i was even going to bring a friend that i've met where i live now. I wanted to show her how fun & cool everything is where i used to live. I anted to introduce her to my friends & i planned this amazing day. The rational non-harmonal part of me is saying that we could always go another day, which isnt really true because its so hard to get there & even harder to get everyone together...

so basically my day sucks, I hope everyones day is going a lot better than mine. 

xoxo that girl dee. 


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