Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Athazagoraphobia- fear to be forgotten, ignored or abandoned

In my last post I vented about my sucky day but I also mentioned that i've moved a few years ago from point A to Point B. But 3 years ago when I started to go to high school in Point B, which meant ending all ties to point A. Leaving my friends & all the people that I cared about. Since Point A & B aren't to far apart it isn't hard to go & visit but its complicated. All my friends in Point A moved on, they have their own friends & lives that i'm not apart of. I know that i'm not the only one in this situation whatever it may be, moving, or going to different schools we've all left people that meant so much to us & its hard....believe me I know. Seeing my old friends with new ones hurts...& theres nothing I could do about it. For a very long time it was really hard to let go of my past & my friends. I remember so many times fighting with my old best friend because she was slowly forgetting me, she was moving on...something I was unable to do until about the beginning of this year. When I was able to accept the fact that things wouldn't be the same with me & my old friends, i wouldn't be able to have the relationship & the life that I did before. And when I did that I was able to meet new friends & finally move on. Of course every once in a while we would visit each other & pick up where we left off, but it wasn't really like how we used to be, & i was okay with that. She'd tell me what was going on in her life & id have no clue who she was talking about because it was about people she met in high school, people I didnt know. But again I finally moved on & finally it didn't hurt anymore seeing pictures of her with her new friends & her life, because i had my own.
So if any of you are going through what I did, I promise you its gets better. & its okay to let go & move on... If you need any help or advice on the subjectt let me know :) 

xoxo that girl Dee.


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog and I really like what you posts. I feel exactly the same way too like you. :)